Auckland House Inspection

  • By admin 1st Dec, 2016
    Auckland House Inspection

    Auckland House Inspection Reveal Poor Quality Building

    Recent house inspection undertaken for Auckland House Buyer revealed that new constructions are in a pathetic state. Perpetuated by fly-by-night, opportunist builders, these new buildings feature shoddy standards and dodgy steel.

    “They are worse than leaky homes,” laments an inspector from a local consultant company after going through a few constructions in the south-east of Auckland. In one of them, everything tells the tale – from jagged bricks protruding through the mud, broken bottles littered around to PVC and chip packets polluting nearby streams.

    Repercussions are already felt across Auckland. One lawyer, Adina Thorn, for example, has a burgeoning list of over 100 clients seeking a class action against builders who delivered substandard work.

    Here is the ten-week house inspection that revealed three chief concerns:

    • Unqualified tradesmen under-quote the job, but produce mediocre works.
    • There’s rampant use of substandard steel mesh imported from Malaysia or China
    • Some builders are buying materials on overseas websites like Alibaba for measly prices and without quality certification.

    Considering a house purchase is often the largest single investment most people will make in their lifetime, and that the majority of property buyers don’t know much about buildings and what to look for when doing an inspection, purchasing an Inspection Report can greatly reduce the risk of buying a lemon with hidden issues, that could cost an arm and leg to rectify.

    In New Zealand, there are no formal or legal conditions required to become a pre-purchase Building Inspector.

    Tips for finding a good Building Inspector:

    • Fully qualified and experienced builder
    • In-depth knowledge of the New Zealand construction industry
    • Carries full indemnity insurance
    • Good communicator
    • Has access to thermal imaging software and tools to test for moisture
    • Ability to carry out Methamphetamine, “P” tests
    • Independent from the Seller or Real Estate agent
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