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  • By admin 2nd Jan, 2019

    Auckland House Price Drop after Years of Buoyancy

    In the past five years or so, Auckland’s property market has enjoyed what looked like one of the best runs in decades. Since the outset of 2018, however, the asking prices for homes in Auckland have been falling. In fact, in August, the average Auckland house price fell below $900,000 for the first time in nearly one year, which is sweet news to Auckland house buyers ...
  • By admin 6th Jul, 2018

    The Difference between Registered Valuation and Online, Computer Generated Valuation

    When you decide to finally sell your house, your major concern, as a seller, should be to get the best price for your property. This basically means, whoever you hire to conduct a proper valuation of your house ought to offer the most credible and trustworthy value. Registered valuation and Rateable Value or e-valuer are not the same th...
  • By admin 3rd May, 2018

    Auckland Property Prices Remain Flat as Property Sellers Wait

    As the average house price prices in areas outside the three major cities in New Zealand hit a record high of $500,000, it appears sellers in Auckland have little to celebrate. The serious slump in Auckland Property Prices, the market has been stealing headlines, despite its median value being over $700,000. And this has forced them to adopt the proverbial ...
  • By admin 13th Apr, 2018

    About Auckland's Huge House Price in March While the Industry Remains Mute.

    It seems Auckland Property Prices are finally recovering from the infamous slump that clouded the first days of the year. After an eventful start of the year, the number of property sales in Auckland finally reached 1,000. According to Barfoot & Thompson's MD, Peter Thompson, it was onl...
  • By admin 4th Mar, 2018

    Tips On How To Sell Your House quickly

    Selling your house can be a wonderful experience and it can be hell. It depends on how you approach it. However, here are some tips to help you sell your house quickly and at a good price without making use of any agent. We, at Property Buyers Auckland, often hear property owners saying, “I want to sell my house quickly!” In this article we cover the steps you can take to mak...
  • By admin 5th Nov, 2017

    What Does The Drop In The Rate Of Auckland House Prices Mean?

    The prices of homes in New Zealand have been on a rapid rise. According to some sources, house prices have risen by 3.9%. But this is not the case for Auckland. For the first time in six years, house prices in Auckland have dropped. Over the years, Auckland house prices have been on the rise, but this year seems to be different. Within the last three months...
  • By admin 17th Aug, 2017
    Methamphetamine Testing

    New Methamphetamine Testing Guidelines

    There have been a lot of public concerns on the safety of the lives of occupants in houses where methamphetamine has been detected with Methamphetamine Testing. The houses that were previously occupied by those producing or smoking meth have been found to contain meth particles still. The chances of the particles remaining in the house increases if the ducts of the building are not properly clea...
  • By admin 2nd Jun, 2017
    Selling A House Auckland
    Expert Tips: Follow These 4 Tricks And Be Selling A House Hassle-Free! Itching to make a property sell amid the seemingly perpetually flat market? We’ve all seen and heard how despicable the real estate market is. In fact, even in the presently tough economy, tons of Private House Sales In Auckland and listing lie with nothing promising. But whet...
  • By admin 5th May, 2017

    Auckland Homes "On The Market" Rise, Amid Lows Recorded Elsewhere

    The total number of Auckland Homes available for sale in Auckland recently hit a record high, despite other regions having to settle with scanty numbers, according to The news is taking over the mainstream in a period when demand for property in Auckland is seriously lagging. According to thi...
  • By admin 1st Apr, 2017
    Social Planning

    Social Planning Considerations To Urban Development

    It is very likely that in the next few years City Councils around the country will add an aspect of Social Planning to their Planning and Building Regulations. This move will follow an increasing trend around the world of adding representatives from social and welfare organizations to Planning Committees. Social planning will probably sound familiar to a handful of people with acade...
  • By admin 1st Mar, 2017

    Auckland's Unitary Plan Brings Opportunities to House Buyers, Sellers and Investors.

    After the Auckland Council signed off on the much anticipated Unitary Plan. A lot of change is expected in New Zealand’s biggest city. The focal point of the plans is to accommodate Auckland’s increased demand for housing to accommodate over 420,000 new units in the next 30 years. Over 270, 000 houses will be constructed in within Auckland’s ur...
  • By admin 1st Feb, 2017
    House Staging

    How To Stage Your House For Success

    House Staging is becoming very popular in recent years; in this article we try to help you decide whether hiring a professional Home Staging Company, doing it yourself, or not staging at all is the best option for you. When you start thinking about selling your house it’s likely that you will visit websites where you can sell your house online. One often sees houses that are w...
  • By admin 3rd Jan, 2017
    Auckland House Price In Bubble

    Auckland House Prices, Is It A Bubble Due To Burst?

    The house prices in Auckland have doubled in the recent past while some of the parts of the country are yet to recover from 2008 crash. It is predicted that the house prices will continue on slower upward trend until December 2017 when they will fall by 11 percent for a period up to 2019. The fall in prices will occur due to an oversupply of houses given the rapid building of new homes...
  • By admin 1st Dec, 2016
    Auckland House Inspection

    Auckland House Inspection Reveal Poor Quality Building

    Recent house inspection undertaken for Auckland House Buyer revealed that new constructions are in a pathetic state. Perpetuated by fly-by-night, opportunist builders, these new buildings feature shoddy standards and dodgy steel. “They are worse than leaky homes,” laments an inspector from a loca...
  • By admin 2nd Nov, 2016
    The Rise Of Methamphetamine Contamination In Homes

    Methamphetamine use is a growing problem in New Zealand.

    Traces of the drug also known as P are being detected in houses all over the Auckland Region, from the leafy suburbs of Central Auckland, North shore to the lower socioeconomic areas of West and South Auckland. A Ministry of Health guidelines say that 100 squire centimeter area with a Meth concentration of 0.5% micrograms or above is not safe. These days the Ministry is been re...
  • By admin 21st Oct, 2016
    Where is the Auckland housing market heading in 2017?

    Auckland Housing Market - Is It Changing?

    With interest rates still at historical low levels and record net immigration of 70,000 this year it is hard to believe that the housing market in the City of Sails is nearing the end of it’s cyclical Bull market. Since the last cyclical pick peak in mid-2007, Auckland house prices have increased by a staggering 80%. It was the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) that put an end to the party of f...
  • By admin 20th Oct, 2016
    private house sales How to in Auckland New Zealand

    Private House Selling In Auckland

    Perhaps, the single most beneficial motivator behind the sale of a house privately is the huge saving on the property agent’s commission. Some people have reportedly saved as many as over $25,000, a figure that can easily cover the decorating budget of their new homes. But, pretty much like any job, selling it privately takes work. You will have to forego your leisure time, advertise, deal with nosey ...