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  • By admin 4th Mar, 2018

    Tips On How To Sell Your House quickly

    Selling your house can be a wonderful experience and it can be hell. It depends on how you approach it. However, here are some tips to help you sell your house quickly and at a good price without making use of any agent. We, at Property Buyers Auckland, often hear property owners saying, “I want to sell my house quickly!” In this article we cover the steps you can take to make your house sell quicker.

    Modernize your house

    First of all, you need to understand that old fittings and facilities discourage house buyers. So the very first step is to renovate, retrofit, and modernise your home. Take away all items that are of no use to make your house look more spacious.

    The world is now crazy about conservation of energy. So, you need to replace old facilities with new ones that are usually smaller and consume less power to give more output. You also need to carry out what is known as four-point House inspection.

    This pre sell house inspection aim for checking if the heating and cooling system, your roof, your plumbing connection and fixtures, and your electrical wiring and panels are all working fine. If not, you must fix them because these are what prospective house buyers will check. this is the first point of action we recommend when a seller is call and saying I want to Sell My House Quickly!

    If your house is an old house, renovation is not complete without painting both its interior and exterior. No matter how much you spend on renovating its interior, if you don’t touch its exterior, it may not appeal to house buyers. They have to get inside to see your renovation efforts and it is the exterior that will attract them before they get inside. In other words, get the street appeal right!

    If you can’t afford to renovate your house before selling no problem, you can sell it like that but it will take a longer time to sell and it will be bought at a lower price. It is important to consult a register Valuer, so you can verify if renovating your house will raise its value above the cost of renovation and if the expense and inconvenience is worthwhile. Make sure not to over capitalise because if you over spend you may not recoup the cost of renovation. If you think “I just want to sell my house quickly”, then perhaps not spending time and money on renovation can be a better option for you.

    Take care of your surrounding

    It is also important to mow your lawn and trim the bushes around you. Dispose all the junk around and make the surrounding of your house as neat as possible. It is also important that you get rid of all stagnant water around. These are all what house buyers look out for.

    Depersonalize your home

    House buyers can only picture themselves fitting into a house with a general outlook not a personalized one. So, it is necessary that you depersonalize it before putting it up for sale. A good example is to remove all the pictures hanging on your wall, if any. Displaying certain significant heirlooms may be a good idea to you, but it may be a turnoff for prospective house buyers as they may not know the story behind the heirlooms. And quite frankly, they really don’t care.

    Sell My House Quickly, so get the right price from the start!

    If you set your price too high, you may not even get any offer and if you set it too low, you will lose good money. The best bet is to get the price right. The best way to go about it is to assume the position of a prospective buyer. Look for houses that are similar to yours within the same location and pretend like you want to buy any of them. This will give you a good idea of how much you should sell yours.

    Another reason you should get the prices of other similar houses in your location is that you may need it to defend your price. When a house buyer finds out that you are not using any agent, he may want to capitalize on it to negotiate a lower price. In that situation, you will use the prices of other houses in the same location to prove to him that your price is fair.

    Hire a Lawyer

    To avoid problems, you should hire a real estate lawyer especially when you are not using an agent. He will advise you on how to block legal loopholes. You know some house buyers can change their mind in the middle of the deal. This may even lead you into filing a lawsuit. You don’t really have to engage in a legal battle that could have been avoided. Besides, the buyer will likely come with his own lawyer too. The cost of hiring a lawyer is much lower than the commission of a real estate agent. So, hiring one shouldn’t be a problem.

    Get your home listed online and say Sell My House Quickly

    Putting up your house for sale without adequate publicity is like winking in the dark. One of the most popular platforms where house buyers go to check properties for sale is Trade Me Property, It is extremely important that you get your home listed on

    If you think this service is costly, you can decide to sell your house without it. You may have to rely only on newspaper ads. In such a situation, you will need to be patient. However, if you need to sell your house quickly then you need to give it as much publicity as you can within a very short time-frame. In other words, if what you want is quick sale, then you can also try contacting us, at: we always aim to get the best results for sellers that call and say I want sell my house quickly!

    These few tips will help you sell your house sooner than you expect.


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