Staging A House For Sale

  • By admin 1st Feb, 2017
    House Staging

    How To Stage Your House For Success

    House Staging is becoming very popular in recent years; in this article we try to help you decide whether hiring a professional Home Staging Company, doing it yourself, or not staging at all is the best option for you.

    When you start thinking about selling your house it’s likely that you will visit websites where you can sell your house online. One often sees houses that are well presented on Trade Me or other Real Estate Selling websites.

    When the time has come to decide between putting your house on the market with a Real Estate Agent or to seek a private house sale, this is the time to consider House Staging.

    Whether you do it alone or use a professional, if the staging is done properly the results should create an environment in which the new owner can imagine themselves living comfortably.

    The typical cost of professionally House Staging a 90-150m², 3-4 bedroom home, would range between $2000-$5000 for 5 weeks.

    The 5 Main areas that create the most WOW factor with House Staging:


    The First Impression areas:

    • Entrance: As the saying goes first impressions always count, sprucing up the entrance way with pot plants, a hallway table and decluttering by removing coats and shoes is a good start
    • Living & Dining Areas: A nice dining set or bar stools laid out at the breakfast bar will go along way to create this “homely” feeling. Having a nice comfortable sofa and matching coffee table that are not to big is also very important
    • Kitchen: Since the kitchen is the ‘Heart of the Home’, make it an attractive area to work in, leave an open cook book on a stand, have the coffee machine percolating with coffee cups at the ready, and a fruit bowl with fresh colourful fruit sitting prominently to the side, gives a kitchen that extra homely feel

    The intimate Areas of your Home:

    • Bedrooms: Keeping the bedrooms specious is key, often bedrooms are cluttered with “stuff”, keep the beds nice and tidy and make sure to have bedside reading lights on with perhaps a small bunch of flowers or a scented candle beside it. Scatter cushions and a throw on the end of the bed also add to the luxurious feel of a bedroom
    • Bathroom: ALL-WAYS keep your bathroom clean when you have prospective buyers visiting your house. Buyers will be turned off by dirty bathrooms, consider hiring a professional cleaning service if you decide to DIY House Staging yourself. Place rolled towels on the side of the vanity unit, put soaps in a nice pile to creating a feel of a luxury spa, these small touches would be sure to impress. Whatever you do not leave any personal items like toothbrushes or hairbrushes lying around, the aim is to create a relaxing, uncluttered space


    Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a professional to stage your property feel free to contact the Property Buyers Auckland Team for a free assessment

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